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League Position, Local Programs and Advocacy


The members of the League of Women Voters US have established national positions on topics of importance to the country.


The members of the League of Women Voters of Michigan have established statewide positions on topics of importance to the state and has set advocacy goals.


The members of the League of Women Voters of the Mt Pleasant Area have adopted the following Local Programs.

League of Women Voters of the Mt Pleasant Area
Local Programs

Planning and Zoning in the City of Mt. Pleasant A study of the process of planning for the future and the resultant zoning ordinances that follow.

Housing Code Support a housing code as being beneficial and necessary in Mt. Pleasant and support the concept that all habitable properties should be covered.

City Charter Support the concept of a general framework city charter, that is, a charter that is simple, flexible, and concise.  Such a charter would provide a basic structure for city government but would leave procedural details for inclusion in various city ordinances.

Juvenile Services Support the concept that juvenile court continue to adhere to uniform procedural rules that safeguard the process of law.  Support guaranteed access to a juvenile detention center for delinquents under the jurisdiction of Isabella County Trial Court, Juvenile division.  Support adequate school counseling services for children in Isabella County.

Public Transportation in the Mt. Pleasant Area Support the continuation of the urban-rural transportation system operating in Isabella County under the direction of the Isabella County Transportation Commission.  Support a levy of up to one mill in local property taxes for operation and capital expenses of the Transportation Commission.  Support the efforts of the Isabella Transportation Commission to keep a flexible system capable of adapting to local needs.  Support the consideration of an equitable increase in fares as a secondary source of local finance support.

Mt. Pleasant Public Schools Budget Process Support the concept that there is a need for the Mt. Pleasant Public School District to have a well-publicized annual budget calendar that would specify tasks involved in each step of a budget process, who would participate in each task, and the sates on which each step is to be completed.

Isabella County District Library Support the concept of a district library for Isabella County.  The members of the governing board should be either elected by the people or appointed by the Isabella County Board of Commissioners and the Mt. Pleasant City Commission.  The governing board of the library must have the power to levy local property millage to operate and maintain the Veterans Memorial Library and its branches in the county.  Support up to 2.6 mills for operation and expansion.

Recycling in Isabella County Support the expansion of the present system to multiple family rental property and to townships in Isabella County.

Commission on Aging Support millage of up to one mill for operation and services.